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Geonatours Outlook 2024


Be my guest in 2024 and enjoy a couple of guided hiking tours in the National Park Saxon Switzerland and Dresden area.

Enjoy a guided day tour to exciting and pittoresque spots of the romantic painters on the famous Painter's Way! This year, the 250th anniversary of the romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich is celebrated and I will lead you to hidden spots of his famous paintings in the region of Sächsische Schweiz:

Tour 1 -  The Entrance to Malerweg

Tour 2 - Hiking Polenztal

Tour 3 - Hikers above the sea of fog

Tour 4 - How water and wind shaped the stones


I will be leading day tours with focus on geology. Dates and information coming soon on Nationalpark Sächsische SChweiz.


In the Dresden area I will offer day tours to „Auf den Meeresgrund in DD-Plauen“ in cooperation with Igeltour.

In addition I am offering trips together with Volkshochschule :

"Spuren der Eiszeit auf dem DD Heller"

"Über Stock und Stein durch die DD Heide"

"Auf dem Malerweg durch die Vordere Sächsische Schweiz"

"Auf dem Königsweg in die Naturschutzgebiete rund um Moritzburg" (neu)

"Vulkane im Tharandter Wald" (neu)

Last but not least, enjoy a day tour in the area of Meißen and follow me on the traces of hidden treasures into the region of former mining "Verborgene Schätze im Triebischtal".

From September 23-29, 2024 I offer a hiking trip in cooperation with BUND Wanderreisen ;-) You can expect a colorful and varied program through the Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz, in the Dresden area and on the "Kammweg" in the Ore Mountains. Registration from now on BUND Hiking Trip September 2024


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