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Day tours in the Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz


Entrance to
the Painter's Way

Enjoy hiking along the first stage of the famous Painter's way from Liebethaler Grund to Wehlen at the river Elbe. On this hike, nature and art can be experienced, especially on the walk through the Felsentor - which was painted by Caspar David Friedrich.


How water
and wind shaped
the rocks

This hiking tour will bring us into the area of Rauenstein high above the river Elbe. You will learn more about the creation of the bizarre rock fromations and discover hidden caves and view points.

Blick auf Hohnstein.jpg

traces in Polenztal

On this hike we will follow traces of geology and art in the picturesque Polenztal. This tour on the painter's way stage 2&3 leads to a green river valley where the dippers live, to quiet caves and wide views. You can feel the close connection of nature and art.


The Hiker over
the sea of fog

Enjoy a daytour on the trail of Caspar David Friedrich! We will discover the place where the famous painting “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” was created and other spots of paintings.

Exciting tour with spectacular views on stage 6 of the painter's way.

Day tours in the Dresden area

Geotop_Hoher Stein.jpg

On the seafloor

Enjoy hiking on the bottom of the subtropical sea of Cretaceous times in the quarter of Dresden- Plauen. We will learn more about the unique Geotope "Hoher Stein" which is of supraregional importance.


Tharandt Forest

Hot lava flowing towards the gates of Dresden? In the Tharandt forest we discover remnants of former volcanoes and the unique geotope of a porphyry fan .



This hike follows the geopath along the river of Triebisch close to Meißen. We will discover traces of old mining activities near Meißen, an area which belongs to a UNESCO word heritage Erzgebirge.

Spanische Flagge

Hiking in the north of Dresden

Hiking into nature reserves in northern Dresden. We will discover rare and protected plants and animals and learn more about climate changes in the past.  Listen to earth's history and find traces of the last ice ages in the north of Dresden!

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