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Summer 2023, hiking week in the national park with guests from Ireland

" We had a wonderful week of hiking in Saxon Switzerland. The hiking guide was excellent, reliable and friendly and told us a lot about the nature, geology and history of the region with great expertise. We'd love to come back!"

April 2022, 10th grade students at a high school in Braunschweig

"We learn more here on the tour than at school 🙂!"

June 2022, tour with teachers from Ottendorf-Okrilla

" They have an impressive knowledge of the local flora and the geological background. .... on this beautiful and decelerating tour.. Thanks to your nice company, a successful end to the school year.

April 2022, Luc from Belgium:

"Thank you for the interesting hike in the Polenztal. Thanks to your explanations, we were able to look at a familiar area with completely different eyes. Our sons enjoyed traveling back in time from millions of years. And from now on we always think of knightly sport when we drive through Saxon Switzerland 🙂. We look forward to the next guided hike with you." 

Jochen L. from Petershagen, September 2021:

"I was really enthusiastic about the tour in the Polenztal, because it wasn't just a walk, but rather demanding in various sections. The comments and explanations were very good and gave us an insight into Saxon Switzerland. The ascent to the Hockstein through the Wolfsschlucht: fantastic! The view from Hohnstein Castle: very good! Then up to the Brand-Baude with the great view and your explanations, great, then to the Gautschgrotte, very impressive. It was a successful day with a competent hiking guide who I can recommend to everyone.

Thanks, if I'm with you again, I'll sign up for a tour with you again!" 

Irmtraud M. from Hesse, September 2021


"The hike in the Polenztal made this vacation day unforgettable. Local knowledge, historical background and interesting facts about flora and fauna rounded off this unique nature experience perfectly. The detours to the "Balcony of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains" and to the "Gautschgrotte" were real highlights and would have been without the professional Guide safely remained hidden. Perfect! Thank you, Anke!"

Uwe from Dresden, July 2021:

"I took part in the tour on the primeval seabed near Dresden Plauen. Explained in a relaxed and competent was a lot of fun to go to the (sea)bed in a small group about the history of the earth."

Mirjam from Oslo, July 2021

​" Tour really wonderfully prepared: with a lot of variety, great routes and exciting background knowledge. From time to time your own creativity was required, which was a lot of fun!
Really fits everyone - even young adults like me. :)"

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