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"Only what a person loves, he also protects."

Geo hands-on is an offer for 2 to 3 school hours. Exciting experiments and observations lead into the world of geology.
Geonatours organizes the hiking day for school classes with exciting topics and excursions on earth history.
Naturalist groups are Geonatours' all-day offer for elementary school students.

Educational offers - not just for children


In two to three school hours I will show how our earth was formed. Possible topics are:


  • Volcanoes


  • Fossils


  • Saxon Switzerland : Origin and Geology


My offer for primary schools. Every week we will investigate topics of geology and nature, accompanied by experiments and field trips.


An extraordinary day of hiking to different locations for school classes, dealing with exciting topics about earth's history:

  • Dresdner Heller interesting facts about climate change and ice ages, rare plants and animals
  • Volcanoes in the Tharandt Forest Field trip to ancient volconaes in the Tharandt Forest

  • Saxon Switzerland
    Hiking on the bottom of a subtropical sea and learn more about current global climate change.

With experiments and field trips I especially want to encourage children and schoolchildren to be interested in environmental protection and sustainability.

Who are my educational offers suitable for?

  • School classes, groups of children

  • School groups, all-day offer

  • School hours in schools on special topics (2 to 3 school hours)

  • Interested adults (lectures)

Please contact me via the form below or by email!

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