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My name is Anke Dürkoop and I have a PhD in geology. I have turned my passion and love for nature into my profession and I would like to inspire you for nature and geology on my guided tours!

I have been living with my family in Dresden for more than 20 years and here I explore the unique nature and geology of the diverse Saxon landscapes. As a geologist, I have also traveled to and seen other parts of the world (Europe with Scandinavia, USA with Hawaii, Asia and South America). For my own research, I was a member of a cruise on a  research ship to the South Atlantic.

On my guided hikes you too can experience nature and geology in Saxony, Sächsische Schweiz and surrounding of Dresden!

As a geologist and nature and landscape guide, Dr. Anke Dürkoop offers guided hikes.


The Bastei Bridge is a popular photo motif. (Photo: Gero Neuroth)
"A lot of hiking makes you knowledgeable "

Peter Sirius


Exciting details are waiting for you about the creation of our wonderful nature!

Discover with me breathtaking landscapes, traces of the earth's history as well as rare plants and animals and relax in nature.

On the trail of earth's history with Geonatours.
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